Episode 12- The Story of the Ghost (1998)


    This week on Beast in the Maze, we're taking a look at Phish's seventh studio album, The Story of the Ghost. Recorded as a series of extended jams in the same studio where Billy Breathes was put down, it's got a sound all its own, a sort of a haunting yet mellow funky song the band would refer to as "cow funk." 
    We're joined to discuss the album by our good friend and podcasting colleague Jonathon Humphrey from the New Ears and Bite of Passage podcasts, the latter of which makes its debut this Saturday. To hear our takes, you can check us out on this site or on your favorite podcast provider. If you'd like some live picks or a link to the playlist of the album, check out our previous post.
    You can check out Jonathon's music/album discussion podcast New Ears via this link if you'd like to hear about some bands other than Phish or Iron Maiden for once, or if you'd like to pick apart the "Twilight" series with creative writers who have a love/hate (or hate/hate) relationship with the material, you can check them out here.
    We hope you enjoy!