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Episode 19 - Killers (1981)

       Well, we're through our first pass through Iron Maiden's studio catalogue. We haven't heard nearly everything yet, but we've taken a look at at least one  album from each of the major periods of the band's history, as follows: 1. The Paul Di'anno era - Iron Maiden  (1980). 2. The original Bruce Dickinson era - The Number of the Beast (1982), Powerslave (1984) , and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988). 3. The "Bruce but no Adrian" era - No Prayer for the Dying (1990).  4. The Blaze Bayley era - The X Factor  (1995) 5. The modern / three guitar era - Brave New World  (2000), A Matter of Life and Death (2006).      So, now it's time to go back and fill in all the gaps! This will allow us to both close out the studio album discussions as well as begin to incorporate some of the official live releases like Live After Death, Maiden England, Flight 666 , etc.     With that objective in mind, we're starting from the beginning once more and takin

Episode 18 - Phish at Hershey Park 1995 (Set two)

  On the newest episode of Beast in the Maze , Brian and I finish our first (virtual) live Phish show, with the second set of the Hershey park show that we began in Episode 16.  Featuring an extended "Mike's Song>Weekapaug Groove," the second set gets a bit more "type 2" than the opening set. We still get a taste of Gamehendge in the form of "Wilson," as well as a couple of songs from the extremely early days of the band which feature writing from Nancy as well as the Dude of Life. In many ways, the set represents one of the peak eras of the band, as they had just put out A Live One  earlier in the year, which would go on to become the best-selling album of their entire catalog. There's a little bit of everything they've done up to this point represented on these setlists, and for fans of A Picture of Nectar , there are several tracks from that album played here, in particular. Join us as we discuss the highs and lows, the guitar solos, the