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What we're listening to next

    As some of you may have noticed, there was no new episode this week - but don't despair! Beast in the Maze  isn't going anywhere. After recording ten episodes, we decided to take two weeks off to do some catching up, housekeeping, and attend to some real-life responsibilities, so we'll be re-joining you all on Monday, November 2, when we'll be taking on some pre-debut-album Iron Maiden recordings from the late seventies. Additionally, we'll have a brief discussion about bootlegs and unofficial releases, and how fans and the music industry approach them.     Fortunately for you, listeners, you don't have to just sit around and wait for the episode to arrive, you can spend the time listening to these early Maiden tracks, and get a feel for what the band sounded like before their 1980 debut. Here's what we're going to be getting into: First, we'll take a look at the performance from the Friday Rock Show from November of 1979 , which was originally r

Episode 10 - "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday" (1987)

            This week on Beast in the Maze , we're stepping into the world of Gamehendge. We'll be talking about the Phish recording The Man who Stepped into Yesterday , which though not an official studio release, is integral to the history of the band, and contains many songs which remain staples of their setlists.     A DIY recording, it was submitted as lead singer Trey Anastasio's senior project at Goddard College, and includes not only the songs themselves but narration in between explaining the plot of the story ( TMWSIY is a musical/rock opera/fairy tale with a narrative). It is here that we first encounter the songs and characters of Wilson and Tela, Col. Forbin and Rutherford the Brave. While being much more lo-fi than their "proper" albums, it's an interesting glimpse into the band's formative years, and provides a sort of blueprint for what was to come.     We've provided some helping friendly links below to maximize your enjoyment:     1.