Other Bands We've Mentioned, pt.2

     Here at Beast in the Maze, we are mostly about two very different bands: Iron Maiden and Phish. However, those aren't the only bands we listen to (believe it or not)! Sometimes we make reference to other artists, either when trying to explain something, or because one of "our" bands reminds me of something someone else has also done. 

    In case you'd like a brief break from all this Maiden and Phish, here are some artists/songs we discussed in our last episode, The Story of The Ghost:

1. Talking Heads - (Crosseyed and Painless) - This band has come up a few times in our discussion, which actually makes quite a bit of sense as they are a clear influence on Phish, who has performed Talking Heads songs many times, including playing the entirety of their Remain in Light album live.

2. Ben Folds 5 - Our guest Jonathon from New Ears brought this band up in reference to a Page interlude. They're an NC alternative rock band which heavily features the piano.

3. Wilco - A band the hosts share an appreciation of, Wilco was born out of the breakup of alt-country band Uncle Tupelo, and has kept some of those roots while evolving into a more complex rock band that has experimented with a variety of sounds. Their classic album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is what we discussed specifically, in particular the transition between "Ashes of American Flags" and "Heavy Metal Drummer." The playlist for the entire album can be found here.

4. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - This one was brought up as a joke, but here it is anyway.

5. Soundgarden - (Black Hole Sun) - This was a massive 90s alternative tune with a famously surreal music video. We brought it up mostly in reference to eerie echoey noises.

6. They Might be Giants - (The End of the Tour) - This band has been brought up in relation to Phish more than once on the podcast, and they share a certain propensity for silliness. This song gets special mention from the Maiden contingent for having a title in the "_____ of the _____" format.

7. Various artists - (Ghost Riders in the Sky) - also sort of brought up jokingly, but it's too great a song in its many incarnations to ignore. Our link is to the Johnny Cash version.

We hope you enjoy some of these, and we'll see you next week when we'll be discussing Iron Maiden's tenth studio album, The X Factor.