Episode 11 - The Soundhouse Tapes and More!


    This week on Beast in the Maze, we're taking a look at some of Iron Maiden's early recordings from the years just before the release of their first full-length album, Iron Maiden (1980).

    Specifically, we'll take a look at the first official Maiden release, The Soundhouse Tapes (1979), as well as a BBC performance and a couple of bonus tracks. Recorded in the last two days of 1978, Soundhouse was a three-song EP on 7" vinyl, and only 5,000 copies were made and sold, which has since made it a rare collectible, if a Maiden enthusiast has one, it's usually the crown jewel of their collection.

    Like the debut album, the material we cover in this episode represents a "raw" Maiden, partly because of the limited production at the time, but partly because of sheer aggressive rock and roll attitude. It should make for a fun detour from our coverage of the main studio albums, and a timely return to the Di'Anno period before we move back into the "dark ages" of Maiden that were the 1990s.

    We also talk about unofficial recordings, how bootlegging/taping works, the different guitar sound of Paul Cairns, who only appears on Soundhouse, and Brian serves up his pick for our next episode, which will feature friend of the podcast Jonathon from New Ears, who will be listening and reacting along with us for the next episode or two, whether he likes it or not!

    If you'd like to listen along to the tracks we're covering, you can find links in our previous post, "What We're Listening to Next."

    A live pick this episode is a bit difficult since we are talking about specific versions of tracks already, so instead of a single live pick, Matt's come up with an entire show! An up-front warning: this is an early show, and it's an audience recording, so the quality in those terms isn't great, but the performance is, and it's representative of Iron Maiden's energy and virtuosity. Plus, the whole "audience recording" thing is the subject of much conversation during the episode, so we thought it would be appropriate:

Iron Maiden - Live at Ruskin Arms 1980 ! We hope you enjoy, as always.