Episode 9 - "No Prayer for the Dying" (1990)


    This week, we're taking on a Maiden album which is divisive to say the least. The First album of theirs to feature guitarist Janick Gers, No Prayer for the Dying represented the beginning of what many fans would consider a dark age for not only Iron Maiden, but for heavy metal in general. Join ys as we take it apart track by track and discuss aerial/maritime warfare, televangelism, and the uncomfortable undertones of Nightmare on Elm Street. Also on the episode, we reveal which album we'll be looking at next, when we revert back to Phish mode.

    If you haven't heard No Prayer for the Dying, our previous post does a quick summary of the album. In addition, here are a few helpful links:

1. The YouTube playlist - all the tracks from the studio version of the record.

2. The Wikipedia article - all the basic-level facts

3. No Prayer on the Road '90/'91 - an interesting 38 minute documentary about the album and tour with band interviews and a handful of live performances.

4. Matt's live pick - a live performance of "Tailgunner" from Live at Donnington in 1992.

That's about it! We hope you enjoy the episode, which can be found on this very website or on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, etc.