Episode 8 - "A Picture of Nectar" (1992)

     This week on Beast in the Maze, we're discussing Phish's third studio album, A Picture of Nectar. We talk about a variety of topics, and deal with confusion surrounding what is and isn't a part of the Gamehendge universe, as well as what part of a shoe the mouth is. Join us as we go track by track, as Brian provides a fan perspective, and Matt weighs in as someone giving the album a listen for the first time.    

    As always, at the end we rank the albums we've talked about so far, and reveal what we have coming up on the next episode when we switch bands.

    Also, if you go back to our previous post which previewed the episode, you can find some links to a couple of live picks from the album as well as your basic youtube/wikipedia links. As always, we  encourage you to get involved in the discussion by emailing, tweeting at us (@beast_maze), or leaving comments. We hope you enjoy!