Coming up next week - "The Man who Stepped into Yesterday"


    Next week on the podcast, the guys from Beast in the Maze discuss the unofficial concept album The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday. Composed and submitted as an assignment at Goddard College, many of the songs on the album would remain in live rotation for more than a decade. 

    The album itself was recorded in a DIY manner by the band, and for our discussion of the album, we've decided to listen to the original recording rather than the more polished later performances. Specifically, we used this version on YouTube

    Perhaps a concept album, perhaps a fairy-tale, and maybe a commentary on society (Trey refers to it as a "musical"), all of the songs from the album present a narrative set in the fantasy world of Gamehendge, where the peaceful Lizards are ruled by the tyrant king Wilson, and the events that take place when someone from our time journeys into that world. 

    Join us as we discuss the album, and if you like, check out this link to Trey's thesis which talks all about the songwriting process and the intent behind the album and songs. We hope you enjoy - see you next week!