The Artwork of "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son"

 Coming Monday on Beast in the Maze, we're taking on Iron Maiden's concept album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The last album with the "classic" Dickinson/Smith/Harris/McBrain/Murray lineup, it is sonically unique among Maiden albums, and to many, it represented a high-water mark in what Maiden could achieve. 

Music aside, though, it also represents some of the greatest and most surreal work that artist Derek Riggs ever did for the band, envisioning floating Eddie heads and half-bodies against a blue icy background, as well as the "Magus Eddie" as he's later referred to in the Legacy of the Beast game. He'd go on to do the art for the subsequent album No Prayer for the Dying, with an Eddie bursting from the grave, as well as a pretty cool "Tailgunner" Eddie, but the Seventh Son stuff was truly unique. Here's some of the artwork (Note that Beast in the Maze does not own the copyright for these images, which presumably belong to the artist, the band, the record label, or some combination thereof):

For more information on Derek Riggs's art (both Maiden related and otherwise), check out his website. Perhaps while perusing the artwork, put on Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and get ready to join us Monday when we discuss it!