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When you have a podcast about two completely different bands like Iron Maiden and Phish, lots of different influences and things which remind us of the bands and their songs tend to get tossed around. In case anyone wants to delve any further into these, here are some of the bands/artists we mentioned in our Lawn Boy episode, along with a handful of links. The band names themselves are clickable links to their Wikipedia entry, and are followed by YouTube selections.

1. Minibosses - a rock band which does covers of songs from the Nintendo. We bring them up specifically in reference to the Megaman 2 Stage Select theme - here's a link to their Megaman 2 medley.

2. Joan of Arc - an experimental indie / art rock band from Chicago helmed by Tim Kinsella, they are known for clever lyrics over complex, often challenging soundscapes which exist in the margins between music as we view it traditionally, and art in a broader sense. Here's a playlist of their album A Portable Model Of...

3. The Who - one of the greatest and most iconic rock bands there ever was, and an influence on both Phish and Iron Maiden. In our Lawn Boy episode, we bring them up in reference to background vocals, specifically the songs Happy Jack and A Quick One, While He's Away (the latter of the two links is an excellent live performance, which we particularly recommend). 

4. George Gershwin - a famous piano player / composer born just before the turn of the twentieth century, who, though he died at the age of 38, contributed greatly to American music. We mention "Rhapsody in Blue" in our Lawn Boy episode. 

5. Frank Zappa - a rock musician, composer, and orchestrator, Zappa is a huge influence on Phish, and we bring him up quite a bit. Arguably the best entry point to the Zappa catalogue is the excellent album "Apostrophe (')."


  1. The playlist for Joan of Arc is messed up (missing/repeated tracks).

    1. I would recommend people curious about JoA to listen to the second album, it's a much more realized version of what they were going for on their first album and a better demonstration of early era JoA.


      One thing that fans of JoA enjoy is that they very often change up their sound. They are very influenced by almost every sub genre of underground music but try to make music that can't be easily identified by any of them.


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