Next week - The Number of the Beast

Next week on Beast in the Maze, we tackle one of the most revered and monolithic albums in the history of heavy metal - Iron Maiden's 1982 album The Number of the Beast. The first Iron Maiden album to feature lead singer Bruce Dickinson, and the last to feature drummer Clive Burr, many consider this record to be Maiden's crowning achievement. If you've only heard one or two Iron Maiden songs, chances are they're songs from this record. 

Here are a few quick links to familiarize yourself with the album before listening to our discussion of it:

First, the Wikipedia article, which gives all the basic info including track list, singles, etc.

Second, the album playlist on YouTube, which is self-explanatory.

Finally, Matt's live pick, which is a performance of epic closing track "Hallowed be thy Name," taken from the Beast on the Road tour.

We hope you enjoy the listen, and look forward to seeing you Monday.