Guest appearance on "New Ears"

   A good friend of ours also has a podcast called New Ears, which, like our own podcast, deals with taking a deep dive into albums. He doesn't constrain himself to one or two bands, however, and will have a diverse array of guests, some of whom select the albums themselves. This leads to an eclectic mix of genres and viewpoints, in an effort to get at the question of what makes an album an "album" as opposed to merely a collection of songs.
    Matt (the Iron Maiden half of the show) dropped by to discuss the post-hardcore album Yank Crime by the San Diego band Drive Like Jehu, considered by some to be a classic of the genre. You can check out or discussion at the New Ears website, or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

    And if post-hardcore music isn't your thing, stay tuned to their feed, because there will be everything from indie hip-hop to Taylor Swift.